2013 recapped

one of my favorite things to do as the New Year arrives, is reflect back on the Old Year. typically this is done in the form of MTV top10 countdowns, but since we don’t have cable a simple post is more appropriate.

in no particular order, my headlining events from 2013 :

// went to the Rose Bowl Parade // told the Mr. i love him // traveled to asia // saw Kanye West in concert // turned 26 // asked for my first raise // didn’t get it ://  aged out of my parent’s health benefits // published a book // finished my M. Ed // revamped the apt // struggled with Depression //  mastered the enchilada // started a blog with a BFF // witnessed an explosion of engagements, weddings & births via Facebook // finished the entire Fraiser series on Netflix // joined Twitter // went to Vegas with The Mr. // started a retirement account (wuuut) // created career goals // spent time with good friends // laughed until i cried // saw my beautiful cousin get married // woke up wrapped around the toilet // missed my grandparents // saw The Killers in concert // went wine tasting in Napa // started growing my hair out // spent 4th of July in a lake house // photo booths photo booths photo booths // bought myself a new laptop // created a list of highlights //


thanks for a pretty incredible year.



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