oh hello there, 2014

every year i set a new year’s resolution or two, and for the most part, i follow through (amazing, i know). one year it was ‘no fast food & to use re-usable grocery bags’. one year it was ‘cook one new meal each week’. last year it was ‘finish graduate school & write a book’.


new year = improved me. i’m talking about positive lifestyle changes. i’ve compiled a list of 14 goals (2014 get it?) for this brand-spanking new year. and you better believe i’ll post each and every one of them here in hopes that you’re moved to make changes too.

as my boiii Ghandi said “be the change, yo” or something like that.

this year’s bold intentions::

1. go gluten free – buh bye chronic upset tummy!

2. run another half marathon – third time’s a charm : )

3. cut my student debt in half

4. work this blog, like a boss

5. floss my freaking teeth every day

6. wash my face before i go to sleep every night

7. write more letters

8. no buying clothes

9. stick to a budget

10. apply to another master’s program

11. spend two weeks in France

12. seriously organize my photos

13. host 12 girls’ nights

14. learn how to take a ‘selfie’


welp, let’s do this.



2 thoughts on “oh hello there, 2014

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