The 2014 Pinky Promise

To think I was just getting used to writing “2013” on documents. Ugh #firstworldproblems

hi, 2014!IMG_0375

As customary, I start to write down my list of goals for the new year and like every year, I promise to myself I will stick to them. But I am feeling pretty confident this year because I have a secret weapon of sorts.


A pinky promise… yes I’m a child.

I mean common! you cant break a pinky promise. plus, I’ll have you guys keeping me in check.

So here is my bakers dozen:

  1. blog like a beast
  2. get an A in all my science classes
  3. get married… yah. this better happen.
  4. go on an epic honeymoon
  5. buy a home
  6. successfully complete two one month of carb cycling. (gotta keep these goals reachable)
  7. visit sara in sf
  8. cook an entire 3 course meal from The Kitchen Book
  9. volunteer 400 hours. (remember this is for a year)
  10. go on more date nights
  11. learn Photoshop
  12. spend more time with my family
  13. write one line a day in my five-year memory book…ok this is like a five year resolution. do those exist?

pinky 3 copy

gosh, I’m so lame.

What are you’re goals for 2014? Write them in the comment section. Sara and I would love to hear.



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