the art of thank-you’s

when i was younger, my mother insisted we write thank you cards any time someone gave us a gift. it was complete torture. as a 7 year old in the early 90’s, i wanted to be outside. running free with my scooter gang. roaming the subdivision for a tree to climb up. and fall out of.

i didn’t want to be chained to the kitchen table, pen in hand, mind blank. trying to conjure up a few measly words of gratitude for the art set. or barbie clothes. or mad libs book.

but now, as a full-fledged 20-something, i adore the Thank You’s. i love writing them. i love getting them from others. there is just something so beautiful about the written word. something so beautiful about taking the time to show another person how much their thoughtfulness meant to you.

if only my 7 year old self could see me now.

when is the last time you wrote a thank- you card? or any handwritten letter, for that matter? my mom still sends me letters every week. it doesn’t matter that she just recaps what happened that day, or a funny thing her little chihuahua did, but it means something that in that moment, she was thinking about me. and a few days later, when the letter arrives in my mailbox, i am thinking about her.

it’s cute huh?

the great news is — writing cards doesn’t have to be torture! just the other day i sat down & nailed out about 15 of these little bad boys, quick as a whip.

here’s my formula :

1. pick out cute paper, cards, etc.

2. write the person’s name.

3. tell them ‘thank you for the ____, i love it!’

4. throw in a sentence about how you’ll use it, wear it, display it, eat it, etc. ‘I can’t wait to gobble up these delicious chocolates!’ or ‘this scarf will go perfect with my new blazer’

5. a note about their thoughtfulness. ‘it was so kind of you to think of me’ or ‘thank you for remembering my birthday’

6. a closing statement, ‘cheers to another year of friendship’, ‘happy new year’, ‘see you at the next get-together’

7. sign your name.

*optional: stamps, stickers, washi tape.

there you have it. 7 simple steps. remember : actions always speak louder than words. and gift certificates.

take a second to show someone that you care about them, for caring about you.








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