succulents, schmuckulents

if my ability to keep a house plant alive is any indication of the type of parent i will be, my future kids are in serious trouble.

The Mr. and i purchased three succulents last fall. we bought them from a neat little market down the street, next to one of our favorite places to get coffee. we carefully drove home, so as to not jostle the dirt and disturb our new loved ones. they were beautiful. The Mr. delicately planted them in a wooden box i had painted and distressed for such a glorious occasion.

that afternoon, our family grew by three. and our hearts were overflowing with love for our new plants.

sadly, one of them died within a week. another was dead 3 weeks later. the strongest of the pack, he lasted until Christmas. The Mr. disposed of it while i was away visiting family for the holiday. i came home and my baby was gone. theĀ planter, empty.

in our defense, the apartment doesn’t have windows that bring in a whole lot of sunshine. most of them face south, which is not ideal for a living being. at first we tried leaving the planter outside during the day, but the wood was cracking and we were afraid of animals destroying them (like they did to the flower garden i planted the first year i moved in)

we’ve just had bad luck with plants. i guess.

to get over the loss, we invested in Japanese Maple tree. it’s plastic. but it looks real. #bestofbothworlds

IMG_6589 IMG_6590

and just last night, that adorable Mr whispered to me, and this is a direct quote, “i will never change a diaper. ever” then he lovingly kissed my forehead. as if the gesture made up for the statement. I THINK NOT MISTER.

but there you have it, further prove (as if it was even necessary) that at the ripe ages of 26 & 30, we are years away from caring for another pet, plant or person.



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