One Line A Day – A Five-Year Memory Book


It’s been said that journaling is a common practice amongst successful people because it allows one to set goals, acknowledge accomplishments, and help one stay motivated. So in my revitalized excitement for self improvement this year, one of my new years resolutions is to write in my One-Line-A-Day book…for five years. Yea I know, that’s like super long compared to my home girl Sara’s recommendation of one month resolutions. But when you really break it down.  It’s super simple and super easy to do.

A sentence or two a day?  No problem.

Plus, in the end, I’ll have this super cute book with five years of memories for each day! Amazing!

Oh and guess where I got the book?

Target, of course.  #Target,iloveyou

So this is how it works.


So I opened it up to today’s page and wrote about today’s events.  Today I wrote about what I did, what I learned, and something random. Other times I’ll write quotes, something I accomplished, new goals or how I am feeling. It doesn’t matter as long as it pertains to that day.  But check out how all entries for January 10th for the next five years will be on one page.  Its going to exciting to look at when its complete.

But… I’ll also be in my thirties. OMG…..But wait, I heard 30 is the new 20. #nbd


So ladies and gents, what do you do to self reflect? Do you journal? scrapbook? blog? vlog? voice record? something else? Sara and I would love to know!



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