tomato basil soup

growing up, i was never a fan of tomato soup. it reminded me of being sick & staying in bed. it was always too thin. too ketchup-tasting. last week i discovered i actually love, love, LOVE tomato soup, when it doesn’t come out of a tin can. in a big family with two working parents, we ate a lot of boxed, microwaved, & pre packed meals. it’s no one’s fault, it was the 90’s.

fresh tomato soup is my new favorite. & you can freeze the extra – win/win!

DSCN7259     DSCN7265

1. heat oil in pot, add onions. cook until tender.

2. add tomatoes & chicken stock – simmer 15 min

3. pour into blender, blend until smooth & return soup to pot

4. add cream & basil – simmer 20 min

5. serve w parmesan cheese on top !

perfect with grilled cheese on a chilly day (or on a lazy weekend afternoon during the month you resolved to not eat out)


*this meal & message have both been approved by The Mr ; )


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