My Proposal Story

Ok so I am engaged and honestly, its been a long time coming.  After 5 years and 9 months…to be exact, he popped the question. Here is our story.

Now, my fiance is a perfectionist and it is much appreciated.  However for months leading up to the proposal, he interrogated me on how I wanted this whole engagement to occur.  He would ask questions like:

Do you want it to be a surprise?  yes.
Where do you want it to be?  someplace I like.
Do you want an audience? no.
Do you want it to be elaborate? doesn’t matter.

Then he would ask me to rate all these criteria by most important to least important.

Yea, I know. He’s a bit cray cray.

But honestly the most important thing to me is that I wanted it to be surprise. So here’s how it went.

On Sunday September 8, 2013,  he and I had been working a long day together for his small business.  We were starving.  He asked me where I would like to go, he said pick anywhere.  So I chose someplace full fat, high carb, and delicious. So naturally, I chose Olive Garden.


He told me that prior to going to dinner he wanted to stop at his Pro Shop to check on some work for one of his employees. (Little did I know that he had my engagement ring stored in the safe at his shop and he went in to retrieve it while I waited in the car.)

So we went to dinner and I had absolutely no clue at all of his plans.  I was not expecting anything but to gorge on chicken fettuccine alfredo and bread sticks… of course.

So we had dinner and were waiting for dessert to be delivered. Because I always eat dessert. always.

We ordered zeppolis – they are these fluffy donuts you dip in chocolate sauce. SO GOOD.

Olive-Garden-Zeppoli-with-Chocolate-SauceAnyways, back to my story.

So as we were waiting, Craig started talking about how he wanted to ask me more questions about how to propose and that he wanted to “practice” a little bit.  Now because this is his personality I didn’t think anything of it.  I went along with his little game thinking this would help him become more comfortable with proposing.

So he asked to see my right hand ring that my mother gave me as a graduation gift to practice with.  I was a little nervous because I never take off my mothers ring but I took it off and he put it in his pocket. Then we commenced with the “practice.”

He took my hand and started to say the sweetest things I’ve ever heard.  His voice was shaking and I thought to myself, dang, this is some legit practice.

He reached into his pocket, did not grab my mothers ring, but instead, took out the most beautiful diamond solitaire engagement ring I ever saw.  And instantly, I started crying…ok I was bawling. He asked me to marry him and I choked out a yes under my tears of joy.

I really couldn’t believe what just happened and I couldn’t have been happier.  Because in the end he listened and made it a big surprise.


Please ignore my hairy knuckles lol



2 thoughts on “My Proposal Story

  1. Oh my goodness that’s a awesome story I would have been super surprised. So happy for you two I wish all the happiness for you guys! Awesome restaurant by the way lol

    • Mavis! Thank you so much! It’s interesting write it out and then later reading the story. I definitely recommend that all future brides write out their proposal stories. It will be such an important keepsake. I’m just happy that the blogging world allows me to share it with everyone too. 🙂

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