How To Cut Nail Dry-Time in Half

nutra nail

Ever stood back and admired your freshly painted nails?  You carefully picked out the colors, you even managed to do a decent job while using your non-dominant hand.

But then disaster happens because you cannot wait long enough before you start touching them to see if they’re dry.  Or you’ll start touching your nails together to see if they stick. Or worst, you have to go to pee so you carefully try to shimmy your pants off but it all goes wrong and you’ve somehow managed to ruin your nails…. no, just me?

Well, thankfully I discovered a product that has cut my drying time down from 1 hour to 10 minutes. Seriously.

It’s called Nutra Nail Speed Dry.  The product claims that it will dry nail polish in 30 seconds.  For me it took 5 minutes to fully dry the 3 layers of polish that I put on my nails.   Still, 5 minutes is epic compared to what normally seems like forever.

accent nailI almost always have an accent nail. Love them.

The best part is it allows your polish to last even longer.  The above photo is after a week.  You can see that my nails have grown a tad but the polish is still perfectly intact and shiny.

This stuff is my secret weapon when polishing. Does anyone else have any tips and tricks to get their nails to dry faster?



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