one time, i wrote a book

and it was a cookbook, for girls who think they can’t cook.


it started with a simple problem; i moved out & realized i had no idea how to feed myself. i was living a life of quesadillas, frozen burritos, mac & cheese. sound familiar??

so i made it my 2012 NYE resolution to ‘learn to cook’.

and i did.

each week i chose one new recipe, (usually off pinterest) to create. this resulted in about 6 days worth of leftovers. lucky me. then i learned how to cut recipes & freeze leftovers. #genius. and i had a brand-new boyfriend who was excited about my experiment #lovebirds. i made some delicious things. i made some not-delicious things. i made some complicated things. i made some simple things. and i made some things again and again and again.

and those things are what created my cookbook.

simple, tried & true recipes for the modern woman.


check it out on amazon





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