DIY photo bulb ornaments

i know the holidays are over :/ but here’s a great DIY to make something cute out of a) all those holiday cards or b) leftover pictures from 2013 and c) let’s be real. these puppies are adorable enough to keep up year round if you choose the right picture


you’ll need : clear glass bulb ornament // 2inch x 2inch photo (about the size of a photobooth pic) // tweezers // patterned paper

1. cut your picture to about 2×2 or even 1.5×1.5 inches. squares are trendy and i love them! but mix it up – cut a rectangle if you feel like it !!

2. gently open the bulb by removing the metal topper

3. measure and cut the patterned paper to fit the size of the photo. glue them together.

4. softly bend the photo square so that you can slide it into the ornament

5. use tweezers to arrange the photo inside the bulb





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