Mix It Up: Bikini So Teeny and Pure Pearlfection

Recently, I have really been into polishing my nails with all these pretty colors.  Background:  I never used to polish my nails until about a month ago.  My single father raised me and my four brothers. So lets just say, we didn’t have time to fit in the mani-pedis after basketball, football, and softball.

Though I grew up with a bunch of banshees, 🙂 I had to learn about the self-manicure on my own and let me tell you, its been a challenge learning the ropes.  Like how long do I wait for them to dry and how can I get them to dry faster? (I wrote a post about it here) How do I polish with my non-dominant hand without it looking like a 3-year-old did it. How can I get them to stop chipping after only 2 days? It’s been quite a learning process but it’s been so much fun!

After learning the essentials, I went crazy mixing and matching all the beautiful nail polish colors and the possibilities are endless! So I would like to introduce a new blog series called “Mixing it Up” where I share my new nail-do every other week.

This week’s are two Essie colors: Bikini So Teeny with Pure Pearlfection layered on top.

bst & PP

bstdesk lamp


bts sunlight

What do you all think?



One thought on “Mix It Up: Bikini So Teeny and Pure Pearlfection

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