My New Notebook Organizer

I have a school supplies addiction. I literally could spend hours in Staples just admiring all the different ways to stay organized.  If I am ever in need of some peace and clarity, I either go to Staples or Target of course.

So in my never ending search for the perfect notebook, I came across this amazing customizable notebook only available at Staples called the Discbound Notebook System.  Its a Martha Stewart brand and she always seems to develop the cutest yet most functional home goods.

notebook collage

My favorite part about this notebook is that I can customize it. It combines the best of both a spiral notebook and a 3 ring binder. So like a binder, you can add/remove pages, add dividers, inserts, a pencil holder, an agenda, all sorts of things.


Because of the way the holes are designed, the pages and accessories can simply snap out and pop in.


Then, similar to a spiral notebook, you can fold back the front pages so its more compact than having it open like a book.

Most importantly, it gives me all the freedom to be creative while allowing me to be efficient and functional.


What do you all think? How do you stay organized?



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