In a Skype session with my bestie and co-blogger, Sara, she mentioned how Elise Blaha Cripe, one of our favorite bloggers, started to instagram a photo each day of something she absolutely loves – mornings. #eliselovesmornings

Now, I am not a morning person and I really wish I was but after 26 years I don’t think its in me to love mornings. So in my rut of envy, Elise’s post made me realized that not only was this an excellent idea on how to release some creative energy but the meaning behind her message was profound.


After some self-reflection and inspiration, I realized there is one thing that I consistently enjoy everyday… and that’s dessert. Now, I chuckle a little as I write this because it sounds extreme and a bit unhealthy to indulge every single day. But like all great things, I enjoy them in moderation.  So after dinner when I grab my box of Oreo’s, I’ll only eat one or two cookies or if I am at a restaurant, I’ll have few bits – just enough to cleanse my palate. 😉

Since Elise has inspired me, you’ll start to see my daily treats on the our instagram so I can share what I love with you! Ah! I get excited just thinking about it.




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