DIY dainty heart garland

The Mr and i don’t do anything special on V-day, mostly because we spend time on a regular basis affirming and surprising each other. adorable right? i know. he really is the best.  on our first valentines day together  there were no flowers, candies or rose petals. but here’s the thing – i’m not into all that. the big hearts and stuffed animals and store-bought cheesy decor- it’s totally just not my thing. i love simplicity. i love dainty things. i love banners. and i love old book pages. which brings me to my point : heart garlands.


i made this garland last year on a special crafting day with my dear friend, V. it took us a while to complete our projects because we weren’t sure how we wanted to get started. since then, i’ve worked it down to a simple art-form for you to follow. enjoy!

garlandhowto heartgarlandcollage


you don’t need a fancy craft punch to do this, but if you wanted to get one, here’s one i recommend.



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