easiest homemade Naan pizza

the other night i was scrounging to figure out what to make The Mr for dinner. we’d been having leftovers for the past few nights and it was beginning to be a bit much. as i was searching through the refrigerator to find something that we hadn’t already eaten this week i stumbled upon a package of Naan bread i had recently purchased on a whim. the Naan came in a 2-pack and resulted in perfectly proportioned homemade pizzas. just call me Martha Stewart.


three simple ingredients :

– mozzarella cheese (sliced or shredded, whatever you have on hand)

– pasta or pizza sauce (i always use pasta sauce when making homemade pizzas. A) we never have pizza sauce in the house B) it’s more flavorful when making a plain cheese pizza)

– Naan bread (or pre-made pizza dough – whatever you’ve got. the beauty of this recipe was i just improvised and didn’t have to run to the store)




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