traveling tips


packing stresses me out. // i love lists.

purpose of the trip: will you be shopping? – pack less clothes, bring more money.

variables: how many days? how many nights? what type of event? weather- will i need a flat iron? is there a pool? special accessories? additional makeup- lipstick/eyeliner? special footwear – heels?

constants: travel outfit. pajamas. makeup. essential accessories. toothbrush. travel shampoo/conditioner (most hotels provide these, but i’m a bit picky sometimes) dry shampoo, basic footwear. phone & charger. camera & charger. everyday purse.

consider: the size of your suitcase. really all of this should fit into a carry-on bag, if you pack it correctly.


packing list





suitcase plane

for a more detailed approach, Kendi has some valuable travel advice over at her blog //

what are you packing secrets ??



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