Fun Fact: I like to Mix Cereal

I remember when I was a wee child, the first thing I learned to make in the kitchen was cereal.  It was easy enough cereal + milk = deliciousness.

Now as a full grown sophisticated adult (at least, I like to think), it’s still one of my favorite things to eat, especially when there is just no time for anything else.

Over the years, I have tried every cereal flavor out there. All of them. Seriously.  And for the most part I love them all.  So now when I go to eat cereal, I can’t just pick one.

So I mix them and its amazing.

My fiance would disagree because he’s one of those weirdos that hates when food is mixed or touching. No offense to those that have similar eating styles. To you all, I’m probably the weirdo.

SO with no further ado here are some of my favorite combos.


Love how the sweetness from the Rice Krispies Treats compliments the Raisin Bran Crunch. While the treats gets soggy the raisin bran stays crunchy.


The Cocoa Puffs allows for the Capn Crunch to get a little chocolatey. Great combo.


This is an obvious combo. Delicious fruitiness.


The Cinnamon Toast Crunch really gives the Raisin Bran an added flavor profile with the cinnamon and sugar. This is good stuff.


Oh yes, this is a total no-brainer. This combo is a great variety of textures with that same honey sweetness. Oh btw, the milk at the end tastes AMAZING!


Ah yes, this combo of Rice Krispies Treats and Cocoa Puffs is waaay better than any chocolate krispies cereal alone. I love the variety in texture and how everything doesn’t get soggy right away. Yummy!

Now it’s your turn! Let me know if your a little wierd like me and like to mix your cereal.  Would love to know what kind of combos you’ve come up with and I would love to try.



Mix It Up 2: Tart Deco and Mint Apple

Its that time to update you all on my bi-weekly series called Mix It Up! Where I change my nail polish every two weeks and show you my latest color combinations.

This week its two Essie colors called Tart Deco and Mint Candy Apple.  I threw Pure Pearlfection in there because I loved it so much last time when I paired it with Bikini So Teeny.

Now I have to be honest.  I am not a huge fan of Tart Deco on my nails.  I do not think it goes well with my skin tone because it makes the polish look more orange than a pinkish coral color… but that’s just me. Otherwise, I love the accent nail with Candy Apple Mint.  I will definitely be using Candy Apple Mint again.

Essie Colors: Candy Apple Mint, Pure Pearlfection & Tart Decotartdesklamp



What do you all think? Does the tart deco look orangy to you?


Kitchen Gadgets: My New Waffle Maker

I am both a shopaholic and a baker. Translation:  I love and own too many kitchen gadgets.

My new love in the kitchen is this waffle maker I purchased on Amazon.  Amazon, why are you so conveniently amazing? We’ll save that story for another day.

It’s called the Presto Flip-side Belgian Waffle Maker and I am telling you, its so sick.  Here is why I love it.


1. It stores upright, so it takes up less counter space

2. Has an easy to use timer

3. I can flip the waffle for even cooking

waffle maker reviews
4. Is the most popular and has the best reviews on Amazon

5. The Fiance reported that they were the best waffles he ever had. Score!

If you’re in the market for a waffle maker, I definitely recommend this one. 🙂


In a Skype session with my bestie and co-blogger, Sara, she mentioned how Elise Blaha Cripe, one of our favorite bloggers, started to instagram a photo each day of something she absolutely loves – mornings. #eliselovesmornings

Now, I am not a morning person and I really wish I was but after 26 years I don’t think its in me to love mornings. So in my rut of envy, Elise’s post made me realized that not only was this an excellent idea on how to release some creative energy but the meaning behind her message was profound.


After some self-reflection and inspiration, I realized there is one thing that I consistently enjoy everyday… and that’s dessert. Now, I chuckle a little as I write this because it sounds extreme and a bit unhealthy to indulge every single day. But like all great things, I enjoy them in moderation.  So after dinner when I grab my box of Oreo’s, I’ll only eat one or two cookies or if I am at a restaurant, I’ll have few bits – just enough to cleanse my palate. 😉

Since Elise has inspired me, you’ll start to see my daily treats on the our instagram so I can share what I love with you! Ah! I get excited just thinking about it.



My New Notebook Organizer

I have a school supplies addiction. I literally could spend hours in Staples just admiring all the different ways to stay organized.  If I am ever in need of some peace and clarity, I either go to Staples or Target of course.

So in my never ending search for the perfect notebook, I came across this amazing customizable notebook only available at Staples called the Discbound Notebook System.  Its a Martha Stewart brand and she always seems to develop the cutest yet most functional home goods.

notebook collage

My favorite part about this notebook is that I can customize it. It combines the best of both a spiral notebook and a 3 ring binder. So like a binder, you can add/remove pages, add dividers, inserts, a pencil holder, an agenda, all sorts of things.


Because of the way the holes are designed, the pages and accessories can simply snap out and pop in.


Then, similar to a spiral notebook, you can fold back the front pages so its more compact than having it open like a book.

Most importantly, it gives me all the freedom to be creative while allowing me to be efficient and functional.


What do you all think? How do you stay organized?


Delicious Finds: Speculoos Cookie Butter

I recently discovered something amazingly delicious that I just had to share.  Of course, knowing me, it’s dessert related. This stuff is sooo good that you can put it on anything. I dare say that it rivals peanut butter and I looove peanut butter.

Ladies and gents, let me introduce to you Speculoos Cookie Butter from Trader Joes.  Oh yea, you read that right, its Cookie Butter.  It has a creamy peanut butter consistency but tastes like spiced sugar cookies.  It’s literally crushed cookies that have been whipped. Yea..its amazing.

delicious find

Here are just a few delicious ways that I have used this cookie butter.

  1. On a toasted bagel
  2. On warm waffles or pancakes
  3. Toast
  4. Over ice cream
  5. Filling for macarons
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Cupcake frosting
  8. On a spoon – my favorite

I am definitely going to play around more with this ingredient and share with you other ways we can use this stuff.

What about you?  How do you eat your cookie butter?  What other combination might be good?


The Five Love Languages – What’s yours?

5 love languages

Back when I was in college studying relational communications, I took particular interest in what Dr. Gary Chapman has discovered as the Five Love Languages.  Basically,  the five different “love languages” outlines the idea that every person speaks a particular language that makes him or her feel most love.  If each individual were to discover and exercise their partner’s love language, you could improve each others’ happiness and health of the relationship.

Yea buddy!

This topic fascinated me since during the time the boyfriend (now fiance) and I were not in the best place.  The Five Love Languages was groundbreaking because it gave me guidance on how to better our relationship.

And who doesn’t want that?

5 languages

The languages are:

  1. Words of Affirmation – Ex: “Babe, you’re looking really skinny, have you lost weight?”
  2. Acts of Service – Ex: “No worries, honey, I’ll unclog the toilet for you.”
  3. Receiving Gifts – Ex: “I thought long and hard about this one, here is a kitchen aid mixer in mint green, with all the attachments” #wishlist
  4. Quality Time – Ex: “Let’s go have a picnic in the park, eat chicken fettuccine alfredo and delicious cookies or donuts or brownies or ice cream…or all of them.”
  5. Physical Touch – Ex: “Let’s cuddle, all night, so what if your body is like furnace and I cant get comfortable.”

Of course, I am kidding with some of these examples….some.

Sooo… I took it.  My language is Quality Time which means I feel most loved when I get my partner’s undivided attention. We do this in long nights of debating over odd topics or discussing our hopes and dreams or just talking about anything. What would not count is binge watching the House of Cards on Netflix because our attention is elsewhere and not on each other. But then afterwards we spend hours discussing what we just watched and that is quality time.

Unfortunately, the fiance and I do not speak the same language. For him its Acts of Service, so when I cook him dinner, help him with his business, or massage his god awful feet (jeez, the things we do for our partner’s) he feels most loved.

What’s interesting is your love language is often linked to how your parents or guardian would show you love when you were younger.  My father and I used to spend hours debating and discussing and those are the times I felt most loved by him.

Alright… I could go on and on but now its your turn! Go ahead and take the test to see what’s your love language, there’s an option for singles and for those in relationships.  Then comment below, we would love to know!