traveling tips


packing stresses me out. // i love lists.

purpose of the trip: will you be shopping? – pack less clothes, bring more money.

variables: how many days? how many nights? what type of event? weather- will i need a flat iron? is there a pool? special accessories? additional makeup- lipstick/eyeliner? special footwear – heels?

constants: travel outfit. pajamas. makeup. essential accessories. toothbrush. travel shampoo/conditioner (most hotels provide these, but i’m a bit picky sometimes) dry shampoo, basic footwear. phone & charger. camera & charger. everyday purse.

consider: the size of your suitcase. really all of this should fit into a carry-on bag, if you pack it correctly.


packing list





suitcase plane

for a more detailed approach, Kendi has some valuable travel advice over at her blog //

what are you packing secrets ??



sara travels the world: cabo san lucas

a few weeks ago i took a little trip to Mexico. The Mr.’s cousin got married and the ceremony (as well as every single detail) was the most beautiful thing. stunning. it was pouring rain in SF the entire time i was gone. #perfecttiming i spent 4 glorious days soaking up the sun, enjoying beach-side breakfasts and relaxing in a totally wifi-free zone.  if it’s cold where you are, here are some pictures to warm you up : ) and pardon me while i begin planning my next rendezvous there.


cabo3 cabo4 cabo5 cabo7 cabo8 cabo9


cabo11 cabo14 cabo15 cabo16 cabo17 cabo18 cabo19


gel manicures

fact: i am obsessed with gel manicures right this very second.

have you treated yourself to one of these precious things?

1. they do not chip or flake.
2. the cuticle/nail outgrowth is not obvious.
3. they do not fade (i’m talking glossy for daaaaaaaaaays).
4. you can wash dishes, take showers, go in the hot tub // any other activity in which i generally try to avoid doing while my nails are painted because i dont want to ruin them // well gel mani don’t care! soak in the tub – you deserve it.
5. the only thing i have left to say is – get dressed, and get yourself to a salon. support local business & invest in a gel mani/pedi. i have never regretted a manicure or pedicure, and neither will you. especially not a gel one.


it’s saturday, do something fabulous for yourself.


i love this Zink, i think.

have you heard of or seen these new Zink photo printers? Zink stands for ‘zero-ink’ technology. i’m not a scientist, and i’m not entirely sure how it works from a technical standpoint, but what i do know is that i’m obsessed with my Zink printer. the ink strips come in sizes ranging from 1/8” to 2” wide & it’s perfect for printing pictures from instagram. the backs of the photopaper are sticky, yet another adorable selling-point for me. the Zink printer is controlled by an app on your iPhone or iPad that allows you to edit and embellish your pictures before you print them.

so if you’re into these kinds of things…this thing is a must-have. add it to your birthday list.

(for sale on amazon)


*totally not an affiliate post: i just love this product!


resolution check-in # 1

about a month ago, i resolved to do 14 things this year. one of those things was #11 spend two weeks in France. and guess what friend? the dates are set. the tickets are booked. the housing is reserved. exciting huh? i started an instagram & Facebook page to keep track of this adventure. go ahead. follow along! @twofriendsgo and



this isn’t my first world-traveling rodeo. last summer i went to South Korea & Japan, and the summer before i traveled to Argentina & Uraguay. in college i had a boyfriend who was studying abroad & we traveled to Spain, Italy & Ireland. i’m addicted. 

although i would never describe myself as a ‘thrill seeker’ i love a good adventure. i’m not into cliff jumping and extreme roller coasters. i’m into experiencing new things, in new places. or even ordinary things in new places. or new things in ordinary places. however you mix it, its just the experiences that i love the most. taking opportunities is what makes life exciting. and i’m fortunate enough that my other BFF was willing to take this opportunity with me. cheers to another year of friendship, travels & memories in the making : )


one time, i wrote a book

and it was a cookbook, for girls who think they can’t cook.


it started with a simple problem; i moved out & realized i had no idea how to feed myself. i was living a life of quesadillas, frozen burritos, mac & cheese. sound familiar??

so i made it my 2012 NYE resolution to ‘learn to cook’.

and i did.

each week i chose one new recipe, (usually off pinterest) to create. this resulted in about 6 days worth of leftovers. lucky me. then i learned how to cut recipes & freeze leftovers. #genius. and i had a brand-new boyfriend who was excited about my experiment #lovebirds. i made some delicious things. i made some not-delicious things. i made some complicated things. i made some simple things. and i made some things again and again and again.

and those things are what created my cookbook.

simple, tried & true recipes for the modern woman.


check it out on amazon