herringbone art


start with :: canvas (already painted on), white paint, painters tape (or washi tape), paintbrush


cover canvas with tape in herringbone pattern


paint over entire canvas with white paint (i used two coats)


after paint dries, peel away tape to reveal design

herringbone4 herringbone5 

hang & enjoy!!



Mix It Up 2: Tart Deco and Mint Apple

Its that time to update you all on my bi-weekly series called Mix It Up! Where I change my nail polish every two weeks and show you my latest color combinations.

This week its two Essie colors called Tart Deco and Mint Candy Apple.  I threw Pure Pearlfection in there because I loved it so much last time when I paired it with Bikini So Teeny.

Now I have to be honest.  I am not a huge fan of Tart Deco on my nails.  I do not think it goes well with my skin tone because it makes the polish look more orange than a pinkish coral color… but that’s just me. Otherwise, I love the accent nail with Candy Apple Mint.  I will definitely be using Candy Apple Mint again.

Essie Colors: Candy Apple Mint, Pure Pearlfection & Tart Decotartdesklamp



What do you all think? Does the tart deco look orangy to you?


for the love of _______

one of my favorite things to do is go shopping after a holiday to snag all of the adorable things that are now 50-75% off their original price. if this was a career path, i would do this for a living. along with about a million other things. but as far as my research has proven, this is not a marketable skill nor does it translate into a lucrative field of work. disappointing, i know. looks like i’ll be keeping my day job after all .

Favorite Finds for this hallmark-holiday season.


//  XO coasters // oven mitts  // fujimax instax camera //

// heart tray //  gold heart mug // heart bowls //

// sea of love   // love parakeets // ‘ L O V E ‘ //


#modweekoflove by Modcloth

Love is in the air and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day ModCloth is asking their Instagram community to participate in a love-inspired ModCloth Instagram Challenge !! Simply follow the schedule in the image below, tag your photo’s with #modweekoflove @ModCloth and share the things you love the most with the ModCloth community!

ready, set, go!

**This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Liz & Sara.

gel manicures

fact: i am obsessed with gel manicures right this very second.

have you treated yourself to one of these precious things?

1. they do not chip or flake.
2. the cuticle/nail outgrowth is not obvious.
3. they do not fade (i’m talking glossy for daaaaaaaaaays).
4. you can wash dishes, take showers, go in the hot tub // any other activity in which i generally try to avoid doing while my nails are painted because i dont want to ruin them // well gel mani don’t care! soak in the tub – you deserve it.
5. the only thing i have left to say is – get dressed, and get yourself to a salon. support local business & invest in a gel mani/pedi. i have never regretted a manicure or pedicure, and neither will you. especially not a gel one.


it’s saturday, do something fabulous for yourself.


Mix It Up: Bikini So Teeny and Pure Pearlfection

Recently, I have really been into polishing my nails with all these pretty colors.  Background:  I never used to polish my nails until about a month ago.  My single father raised me and my four brothers. So lets just say, we didn’t have time to fit in the mani-pedis after basketball, football, and softball.

Though I grew up with a bunch of banshees, 🙂 I had to learn about the self-manicure on my own and let me tell you, its been a challenge learning the ropes.  Like how long do I wait for them to dry and how can I get them to dry faster? (I wrote a post about it here) How do I polish with my non-dominant hand without it looking like a 3-year-old did it. How can I get them to stop chipping after only 2 days? It’s been quite a learning process but it’s been so much fun!

After learning the essentials, I went crazy mixing and matching all the beautiful nail polish colors and the possibilities are endless! So I would like to introduce a new blog series called “Mixing it Up” where I share my new nail-do every other week.

This week’s are two Essie colors: Bikini So Teeny with Pure Pearlfection layered on top.

bst & PP

bstdesk lamp


bts sunlight

What do you all think?


How To Cut Nail Dry-Time in Half

nutra nail

Ever stood back and admired your freshly painted nails?  You carefully picked out the colors, you even managed to do a decent job while using your non-dominant hand.

But then disaster happens because you cannot wait long enough before you start touching them to see if they’re dry.  Or you’ll start touching your nails together to see if they stick. Or worst, you have to go to pee so you carefully try to shimmy your pants off but it all goes wrong and you’ve somehow managed to ruin your nails…. no, just me?

Well, thankfully I discovered a product that has cut my drying time down from 1 hour to 10 minutes. Seriously.

It’s called Nutra Nail Speed Dry.  The product claims that it will dry nail polish in 30 seconds.  For me it took 5 minutes to fully dry the 3 layers of polish that I put on my nails.   Still, 5 minutes is epic compared to what normally seems like forever.

accent nailI almost always have an accent nail. Love them.

The best part is it allows your polish to last even longer.  The above photo is after a week.  You can see that my nails have grown a tad but the polish is still perfectly intact and shiny.

This stuff is my secret weapon when polishing. Does anyone else have any tips and tricks to get their nails to dry faster?