herringbone art


start with :: canvas (already painted on), white paint, painters tape (or washi tape), paintbrush


cover canvas with tape in herringbone pattern


paint over entire canvas with white paint (i used two coats)


after paint dries, peel away tape to reveal design

herringbone4 herringbone5 

hang & enjoy!!



DIY big tissue poofs

idk if you noticed, but these over-sized tissue poofs are all the rage right now. i made a few clusters of them for my friend’s baby shower a few weeks ago – they were a huge hit!


they were also super simple to create – here’s the tutorial i used.



for the love of _______

one of my favorite things to do is go shopping after a holiday to snag all of the adorable things that are now 50-75% off their original price. if this was a career path, i would do this for a living. along with about a million other things. but as far as my research has proven, this is not a marketable skill nor does it translate into a lucrative field of work. disappointing, i know. looks like i’ll be keeping my day job after all .

Favorite Finds for this hallmark-holiday season.


//  XO coasters // oven mitts  // fujimax instax camera //

// heart tray //  gold heart mug // heart bowls //

// sea of love   // love parakeets // ‘ L O V E ‘ //


DIY dainty heart garland

The Mr and i don’t do anything special on V-day, mostly because we spend time on a regular basis affirming and surprising each other. adorable right? i know. he really is the best.  on our first valentines day together  there were no flowers, candies or rose petals. but here’s the thing – i’m not into all that. the big hearts and stuffed animals and store-bought cheesy decor- it’s totally just not my thing. i love simplicity. i love dainty things. i love banners. and i love old book pages. which brings me to my point : heart garlands.


i made this garland last year on a special crafting day with my dear friend, V. it took us a while to complete our projects because we weren’t sure how we wanted to get started. since then, i’ve worked it down to a simple art-form for you to follow. enjoy!

garlandhowto heartgarlandcollage


you don’t need a fancy craft punch to do this, but if you wanted to get one, here’s one i recommend.


DIY photo bulb ornaments

i know the holidays are over :/ but here’s a great DIY to make something cute out of a) all those holiday cards or b) leftover pictures from 2013 and c) let’s be real. these puppies are adorable enough to keep up year round if you choose the right picture


you’ll need : clear glass bulb ornament // 2inch x 2inch photo (about the size of a photobooth pic) // tweezers // patterned paper

1. cut your picture to about 2×2 or even 1.5×1.5 inches. squares are trendy and i love them! but mix it up – cut a rectangle if you feel like it !!

2. gently open the bulb by removing the metal topper

3. measure and cut the patterned paper to fit the size of the photo. glue them together.

4. softly bend the photo square so that you can slide it into the ornament

5. use tweezers to arrange the photo inside the bulb