herringbone art


start with :: canvas (already painted on), white paint, painters tape (or washi tape), paintbrush


cover canvas with tape in herringbone pattern


paint over entire canvas with white paint (i used two coats)


after paint dries, peel away tape to reveal design

herringbone4 herringbone5 

hang & enjoy!!



DIY sharpie mugs

i’m sure you’ve seen these little gems floating around the cyber-world. the Do It Yourself sharpie mug works of art.

well i’m here to tell you friends, that these puppies really are as simple as they say. do you have permanmet markers? do you have ceramic dish ware of any sort ? do you have an oven?

 great. let’s get started.


i found these little stackable mugs at the one-and-only ThriftTown on Mission street, if you’re familiar with the SF Bay Area. they were 10 cents each and i’m not kidding. if you know anything about me, know that i love a good bargain. i bought them last year and they have been waiting patiently for the perfect project. when the month struck februrary, i was in the mood for lovin and felt these mugs had waited patiently long enough. their time had come.

i had 5 of them left, so i wrote out LOVE and put some hearts on the last one. the good news is, if you mess up you can use a strong cleaner to remove the sharpie before you bake them (and if you use a strong cleaner with steel wool, you can remove the design even after you bake them) in case you are worried about messing up, or if you get bored easily like me.

one thing that made this project ‘difficult’ is that i have a thing with writing on slanted surfaces. i find it extremely difficult to write on anything i cannot push flat onto the table. meh. i got over that, and here’s how they turned out.



mini-books, major love

mini books are poppin’ up all over the interwebs – pinterest, blogs, etsy. i was introduced to these lil babes by Elise Joy & her impressive collection of them. mini books are a great way to supplement traditional scrapbooks, or replace them all together (depending on how crazy you are with taking photos). i’ve used mini books to organize the excess pictures & things that didn’t make it into my larger Project Life albums, and they seriously make the perfect personalized gift.

one of the many millions of things i love about these little books are that you can finish them in one day (if you choose) they can be as simple or as complicated as you like. some of my books are ongoing projects, and others have a very distinct ending (example, the 2012 holiday card book). another thing i love love love is that you don’t have to have a super extensive supply collection to create mini books either. some of my books are full of words and color and journaling, while others are strictly pictures with captions. mini books are whatever you want them to be, which takes away the pressure associated with traditional scrapbooking and memory keeping.

i love weddings BUT i hate throwing away all of the paper products that go into wedding planning because A) they’re cute and B) i know they cost the bride and groom some $$ to send them all out. to solve this dilemma,  i’ve created mini books using the announcements/invitations/thank you cards, in addition to the pictures i snapped at the actual wedding.


sort of along the same lines, i’m always searching for creative ways to store holiday cards. i feel bad throwing away pictures of my friends and family, but i also feel like a bit of a hoarder for hanging on to them in shoeboxes years down the road, if ya catch my drift. in 2012, i cropped and punched all of my holiday cards, photos and trinkets into a mini album and threw it into my collection.


last year i went through my boxes and boxes of old photos. i collected all of the ones of my BFF and created two books; one for me, and one for her. this project took me a few hours on a lazy sunday and i had hers mailed out by monday afternoon. do our books match? nope. did i use the same pictures? nope. did i journal the same funny stories? no way. i created two unique BFF mini books that perfectly described our friendship in two different ways. and omg did she love it!





moral of the story: mini books, get on it. i’ll help you get started.

DIY mini-books // coming soon!


DIY gift tag sets




they add the perfect personal touch to a boring gift certificate, thank you card, or the occasional ‘thinking of you’ note. i mailed off a little pack of them to my sister-in-law last week : )

because let’s be real : who doesn’t love a good, homemade adorable gift?





DIY photo bulb ornaments

i know the holidays are over :/ but here’s a great DIY to make something cute out of a) all those holiday cards or b) leftover pictures from 2013 and c) let’s be real. these puppies are adorable enough to keep up year round if you choose the right picture


you’ll need : clear glass bulb ornament // 2inch x 2inch photo (about the size of a photobooth pic) // tweezers // patterned paper

1. cut your picture to about 2×2 or even 1.5×1.5 inches. squares are trendy and i love them! but mix it up – cut a rectangle if you feel like it !!

2. gently open the bulb by removing the metal topper

3. measure and cut the patterned paper to fit the size of the photo. glue them together.

4. softly bend the photo square so that you can slide it into the ornament

5. use tweezers to arrange the photo inside the bulb