DIY sharpie mugs

i’m sure you’ve seen these little gems floating around the cyber-world. the Do It Yourself sharpie mug works of art.

well i’m here to tell you friends, that these puppies really are as simple as they say. do you have permanmet markers? do you have ceramic dish ware of any sort ? do you have an oven?

 great. let’s get started.


i found these little stackable mugs at the one-and-only ThriftTown on Mission street, if you’re familiar with the SF Bay Area. they were 10 cents each and i’m not kidding. if you know anything about me, know that i love a good bargain. i bought them last year and they have been waiting patiently for the perfect project. when the month struck februrary, i was in the mood for lovin and felt these mugs had waited patiently long enough. their time had come.

i had 5 of them left, so i wrote out LOVE and put some hearts on the last one. the good news is, if you mess up you can use a strong cleaner to remove the sharpie before you bake them (and if you use a strong cleaner with steel wool, you can remove the design even after you bake them) in case you are worried about messing up, or if you get bored easily like me.

one thing that made this project ‘difficult’ is that i have a thing with writing on slanted surfaces. i find it extremely difficult to write on anything i cannot push flat onto the table. meh. i got over that, and here’s how they turned out.




no-bake bites

fact: I have never had leftovers of these delicious little treats. ever. they are what I call a certified crowd-pleaser. can you say Superbowl Party? bring these bad boys. why I love them: a) no baking. b) minimal clean up. c) they’re practically healthy.




DIY gift tag sets




they add the perfect personal touch to a boring gift certificate, thank you card, or the occasional ‘thinking of you’ note. i mailed off a little pack of them to my sister-in-law last week : )

because let’s be real : who doesn’t love a good, homemade adorable gift?





homemade creamy alfredo pasta

there was a period of time when all I ordered at restaurants was something served with alfredo sauce. i was addicted. sadly, that era like all good things, had to end. thankfully, I can now recreate this delicious treat in my very own kitchen, although it is now reserved for special occasions. butter, cream & parm. my three favorite things.